Nov 30

Note to Buddhist Monk, Greg


The reason so few are capable of ceaseless worship is that their inner is full of culture and civilization. It is noisy when it should be quiet; it is full when it should be empty. From my observation, humanity has taken a wrong turn in its collective development. Instead of cultivating a world that derives from inner peace, we have found a way to imprint beliefs and ideology into our inner environment. And from this imposed inner environment we get conflicts, hatred, distrust and a world in chaos – all due to conflicts based on the content of consciousness. If the inner is empty, then there is no chance for conflict – the sense of infinite emptiness is then the same for all – we are all staring into the same void and we are connected there.

The inner can be imposed because somewhere in history it was found that thoughts and emotions can be linked (attached) and they can be made to persist. The persistence of these thought/emotion links appears as a pseudo-reality that seems as real as anything else. When the inner is filled with these linkages, then the conditioning process is complete. What can be found/experienced in emptiness is hidden in the complexity of this inner matrix. Those that are lucky enough to have a calamity (a near-death experience or spiritual awakening) have a chance to shatter the inner matrix of linked thought and emotion and find their liberation.

There is no easy way out.


  1. Right on, Larry. “We are all staring into the same void and we are all connected there… There is no easy way out.”

    • Sid on July 17, 2008 at 8:00 pm
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    I agree our inner chatter is imprinted at early childhood…some of it appears to be a necessary adaptive mechanism but most of it is concerned with the illusions of a separate self.


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