Mar 01

The Oprah/Eckhart Spiritual Experiment

In Eastern cultures there is a real opportunity to leave the world and stay with a guru/master and learn the teaching from a living example. This often takes years away from the world to accomplish. In Western cultures, there is no such opportunity. One must work for a living and live in the world. It is rare for someone who is not a monk or other religious to leave the mainstream. This means that westerners are basically left on their own for spiritual development. Many go to classes for meditation and other techniques. Others follow a spiritual prescription at home and whenever time allows. Do-it-yourself spirituality is what we are faced with in the West.

A grand experiment is about to take place. I am referring the Oprah/Eckhart class that is about to begin. This is an attempt to pair a master with thousands of spiritual aspirants in a ten-week class. The apparent goal is for as many as possible to “Awaken to life’s purpose”. In other words, to find a spiritual awakening. It will be interesting to see how they compress years of typical master/student interaction into ten weeks. I will be following the course and giving comments as I can.

Your comments are welcome as well.

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