Apr 15

Perfect Understanding

I think many of us are looking for perfect understanding as a necessary condition to commit to the spiritual realm fully. We want complete certainty before taking the next step. To that end we read all we can on spiritual topics and how the “masters” have proceeded. This approach sets in place a conflict in which the more we read for understanding, the more difficult it is to let go. “Letting go” and “Acquiring” are two contradictory elements of the spiritual life. Acquiring knowledge on spirituality is akin to getting more and more directions on how to proceed on the journey. But the problem is that most of us haven’t even left the driveway! The seeking of knowledge often represents a timidity about life, that one will not proceed without absolute certainty lest one get hopelessly lost. The spiritual way is one of letting go and especially letting go of knowledge based on consensus. No one but you can see through your eyes. The knowledge that you have acquired is that which has been filtered through another’s consciousness. It is second-hand and has far less utility than you might think. When you let go of the world’s “knowledge” you are left with your own personal connection to the world. From that point you are truly learning to see with your own eyes. And by having that direct connection with the world, we learn to walk the spiritual path without a map, other than the wisdom of one’s own vision.

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    • Sid on July 17, 2008 at 8:27 pm
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    Paradoxically, the freedom to be lost is the door to our true self.


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