Aug 15

Deconstructing the Ego

Deconstructing the ego is a big job that requires a long-term commitment. This deconstruction is a radical shift in consciousness from cognitive dominance to a more sensory orientation. This is often a difficult journey because cognitive dominance is the end destination for the child as it matures to adulthood. The simple ways of childhood are abandoned for the cognitive way of the adult. And the cognitive way provides fertile ground for the ego and other mental aberrations.

I recently read an article that describes one main difference of adults and children: for children, thought follows the senses; while for adults, the senses follow thought. This means that adults filter sensory information through cognition, while a child experiences the senses directly. To experience the senses directly has been called “living in the now”, “being” or “pure awareness”. This is the basic expression of the spiritual journey and its destination.

Some are lucky and are able to shatter the ego in one “awakening” event and start the journey away from cognitive dominance while others have to whittle away at it for years. It is questionable whether the incremental approach can achieve the same results as an “awakening”, but I think that at some point the incremental approach will reach a dead-end, and the seeker will have to let go of the process (and everything else) and let nature take its course.

A technique to start the shift of consciousness has been described in an earlier post showing one method to start this process. Once the process is initiated, then a sense of direction can be discerned. At that point, one should make a commitment or intention to stay with it to the end.

Many feel that the essence of their childhood has been lost in the chaos of adulthood. It is possible to reverse the process,  but it is more difficult than the process to arrive where you are now at. I’ll have more to say on this later on.

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