Sep 02


“Awakening” has been written about for thousands of years it seems. During that time a high degree of complexity has crept into its understanding as analysis and metaphor has taken the place of simplicity and clarity. I have found that the process and understanding of awakening can be distilled down to its essence and expressed very succinctly. The difficulty in doing so is that it may appear to be unbelievable. We are used to complexity, and if we are unable to figure something out, we somehow think that there may some important truth hidden within. As with natural medicine, a cure may be found in the raw nutrient and some benefit may be found if we take large quantities; but when the nutrient is distilled down to its essence, we get a powerful cure with a small amount of the substance. Similarly, when we the distill down the essence of an awakening, we can express it in its purest form.

  • We are estranged from our true nature.
  • This nature has been bred out of us through the conditioning process
  • Our true nature is childlike, simple and direct. It is more sensory than cognitive
  • The conditioning process transforms our basic nature from the simple sensory to the complex cognitive
  • Awakening to our nature is to shift our nature back to the sensory way.
  • Cognition becomes a tool to understand the world, not a mechanism to maintain our conditioning
  • The way back to is to create an event (or series of events) whereby we shift the balance
  • A sustained sensory event is often enough to turn us around
  • A sustained sensory event may be visual or auditory (go here for an example of a visual method)
  • An Awakening Event is a pre-condition to find and fully realize our true nature
  • After the Awakening Event, it will take a number of years to integrate our nature in the world
  • At the end of integration we discover a simple contentment and joy of life

Read The Outsiders – it is a story of personal discovery and journey based on the above points. It illustrates one man’s path as he leaves his old self behind to find liberation. While the story is told in simple language, the implications speak to the perennial quest for transcendence. The journey can also be seen as a transition from cognitive dominance to a more child-like sensory outlook; or in more modern terms, the shift from left-brain dominance to a right-brain way of being.

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