Jun 02

Two Sides of our Nature

The focus of this blog lately has been to simplify the explanation of the spiritual journey.  Considering that there are thousands of books written to “explain” how to proceed, we have taken a minimalist position. If something cannot be explained clearly in a page or two, then we are going to get lost in a jungle of words and concepts.  The intellectual approach is only for a very rare few. For the rest, it must be simple enough to grasp and see the goal clearly. When the task and goal are clear there are no distractions and “head games” can be minimalized.

  • Spiritual explanations are intellectual, but the spiritual journey is not.
  • Analysis of the spiritual way is not the thing itself.
  • There are two sides to our nature: the intellectual/cognitive and the spiritual/sensory/intuitive.
  • There is a natural interplay between these two aspects of our being; it is not either/or.
  • One side or the other can be considered our home base. Most individuals have the cognitive side as their home base. This is because social conditioning requires a cognitive emphasis in order to maintain itself.
  • The task of the spiritual journey is to shift to the spiritual and make it the home base.
  • To follow a spiritual path using the intellect is to never leave the gate.
  • The intellectual approach uses labels to describe states and activities.
  • If you use labels then you deny immediate experience in favor of the label. The label attempts to give certainty, but it is only a head game.
  • The spiritual side is living in the moment. Everything passes through and there is no need or time for labels.
  • The spiritual journey is nothing but remaining in the present. The “path” is that which unfolds from one moment to the next.
  • The goal is to let go of cognitive dominance and allow the spiritual side to blossom. After that one only has to get used to living with a new home base. Over time the transition will become complete.

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