Jun 23

Abused Mind Syndrome

The Abused Mind Syndrome is similar to the Abused Spouse Syndrome in that we always come back to thought dominance much in the same way we return to the battering spouse. So much of pain and suffering is due to hanging on to thoughts and their associated feelings.  Our minds are often not a place of joy and peace. Like the battered spouse, we are afraid to leave the pain because we don’t know anything else and the fear of not knowing seems worse than the pain of knowing.

  • When we get stuck on the thought side of our psychological nature, we often suffer.
  • Even when intellectually certain that we should free ourselves, we are unable to do so.
  • When thought is used to free oneself from thought it creates additional conflict and suffering.
  • The key is to let go of the thought approach and just Be.
  • Being is the absence of directed thought. What remains is the effortless joy of pure sensory awareness – the spiritual home.
  • The senses work automatically and without any effort on our part. Without the burden of thought we experience the joy, freedom and peace of life.
  • There is always a choice of where to rest: with the tension and pain of thought-based living or the joy of the spiritual side.
  • There may be transient pain when leaving our suffering behind.
  • It is difficult to tear something from our being – there is pain in the tearing process.
  • When it is done we can rest in our new home.

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