Aug 07

Reintegration as a Rite of Passage

The theme of this blog can probably be summed up in one word: reintegration. In various postings it was shown that we have given up our childlike nature in order to “grow up”.  And we have suffered as a result. It is necessary to experience each side of our nature in order to know it. But there comes a time when we have to reintegrate those two sides and become whole.

“Civilized” cultures around the world all emphasize graduating from childhood and entering adulthood, and they have made the process very concrete. But it shouldn’t have stopped there. There is one more rite of passage needed to make us whole. Somehow, we need to make this reintegration part of the maturation process which is conveyed to youngsters as they are growing up. It could be something like this:

Child: the parent encourages the child to play and not worry to much about achieving. Minimal discipline is exacted in order for the child to learn focus.

Teenager: The teenager is taught how to use their thinking skills and how to evaluate the world at large. Skills are emphasized over expectations which can cause emotional and physical stress.

Young adult: Before the young adult starts on their life course, they are encouraged to reintegrate their child nature with their new-found intellectual skills. A period of time alone may be needed to work out the transition. A technique such the “focus technique” found here would be useful in that regard.

The cultural change to make this happen will be difficult. The overwhelming majority of parents have not gone through a reintegration process. Therefore, they pass along their conditioning and expectations that their child “perform.”  It is up to the parent to start this process so that the child is not caught in destructive social forces. This is a crucial issue and one that effects the longevity of humanity.

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