Jul 23

The Game of Life

When I think about living in an urban environment I do not feel disconnected from the world of nature. If you feel that there is an intelligence in the universe and all living species are connected to that intelligence, then it is no leap of logic to realize that the tools of humanity and the results of those tools are also derived from that intelligence. So, the sounds of air conditioning, trains, lawn mowers, come about as a result of that applied intelligence. In a sense, they are all part of nature. The crickets make their loud sounds doing what is in their best interest, and we do most of the time. As a species we get sidetracked when we lose sight of our inborn nature. And when we do, we find ourselves chasing our own tail, not realizing that it is a part of us. It is only when we finally catch it do we realize that we have wasted a lot of effort only to discover ourselves in the end.

The need to discover is intrinsic, but it does not take a lot of chasing and effort to find that which resides in each of us. But it does take an interest in finding out, such that the effort becomes secondary to the interest. For the place where we are currently at is the place where we can find it all. Be still and know thyself!

So, I sit and listen and the sounds pass through without a witness, without a doer. The record of this must necessarily come from memory. Memory is the doers domain, and the doer can look at memory as a record of witnessless transactions. The rest of the stuff is what we make up to fill in the gaps. These are the fictions, the “spin” we give life so that it gives us meaning. We spin a yarn out of nothing and it becomes the garment we wear out in the world. It’s all good. But again, we should know it is just our inborn nature playing the game of life, not necessarily living it.

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