Dec 12

Spirituality and Social Media

For many years I have been on the fringes of the spirituality movement due to not fitting in with any group, system or lineage. This independence has allowed me to be an observer of the goings on of the various spirituality communities. One thing I have observed is that spirituality is often treated as a social movement where just being a supporter becomes evidence of one’s commitment to the spiritual life. There is really no connection to “Liking” a pithy spiritual slogan and picture on Facebook, and being absorbed in the personal process of transformation. One does not substitute for the other. You could look at the social aspects of spirituality in the same way a woman goes through her first pregnancy. She may attend classes to prepare for childbirth, make new friends among other soon-to-be moms, learn how to breathe properly for labor and delivery, and be mentally prepared. But on the day of delivery, she is dealing with the pain and intensity of the process on her own with only the medical support personnel to assist. The spiritual journey is similar in that we can chat and post all day along about profound matters, and have 1000’s of followers or friends, but we still have to go through a personal transformative processes in our own skin. The spiritual life has never been about sound bites, or slick marketing. It has and will always be about that intensely personal transformative process we go through when we get a sense of something beyond us, a sense of the mystery and joy of life that we are willing to follow to its source.

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