Dec 29

Our Human Nature is Still Intact

After watching one too many Youtube videos about our (humans) place in the cosmos, along with allusions to ancient aliens, I realized that even if some wisdom is delivered to us from “out there”, it will not make us any more happy or content than we already are.  Our world is right in front of us for the most part, and what isn’t, we keep in our head so that we can navigate the social highways of life. It’s enough work to fit into a complicated, earth-bound social system and hope to gain some benefit. I wonder what this obsession is with an intelligence they say we are lacking. Why do they try to connect it to some ancient civilization that is long gone, or with aliens that supposedly brought it to us a few millennia ago. Did we misplace it under some ancient rock?

Our human nature is still intact; it is still within us and hasn’t disappeared over time. The complicated social systems that we must navigate in order to survive have taken the focus away from our intrinsic spiritual nature, and placed it on the cultural viewpoint where we are expected to remain. That some people are able to have profound awakening events is remarkable considering the enormous pressure to stay in the cultural mode. People are getting tired of living life by following the dotted line, they want to experience life as it comes to us – not by going after some fictional account that is presented to us to consume.

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