Jan 01

Beneath the Noise

I read a lot of spiritually oriented content via social media sites and also from blogs and websites. If I just look at the sheer volume of material it might give the impression that the world is changing beneath our feet. But if you think about it a little longer and go a little deeper you might realize that all the spiritual verbiage is fighting for the same position of authority or recognition as the less insightful pronouncements. Everyone is jockeying for position in this giant race of humanity towards some unknown destination. As polarized as the political parties are in the USA, it isn’t much different in the spiritual communities. There are so many flavors of religion and spirituality, and no one really dialogs with other points of view. It is really a sorry state of affairs when the spiritual communities act like political parties – divided and unable to get past the words that hold them together.

I would suggest that the spiritual reality that spiritual ideologies point to is not found by convincing a band of followers to join the fold and speak the talk. Strength in numbers might be okay for unions trying to improve the lot of their members. But group think in spirituality is taking one further away from one’s own spiritual reality. Beneath the group think is a simple reality that flows within each of us without effort. It does not need to be prodded on by the latest pithy statement on social media.

“Be still and know yourself”. The spiritual reality that many want to find is not “out there” but flows through each of us 24/7. The problem with telling others about this simple reality is that even that statement becomes part of the noise. It’s quite a conundrum. My hope is that some will learn to sit still and let the noise drift away for some time. And then, maybe you will come to that quiet, inner place where life flows, and where you can watch it happen.

That would be my wish for the New Year.

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