Jan 06

Dystopian Societies

After watching the third dystopian movie (Hunger Games ->Divergent -> The Giver), I started to see that all those movies were not really getting at the underlying issues. A metaphor is only as a good as its ability to impart some wisdom to us. And in all of these movies, the real metaphor, the one that can show us some truth, is left untapped.

The underlying theme in all these dystopian movies is a controlled society run by adults, and a set of rules that neatly transitions children into their adult role. In Hunger Games and Divergent there are no emotion numbing drugs involved, but in The Giver, everyone is given a daily injection in order to blunt their emotions. The goal there is a society that does not feel anything too deeply, which will eliminate the passion that is needed for a revolution.

In all the movies, one of the youth takes on a special role that allows them to transcend societal norms and become a leader or catalyst for society.

The metaphor here and the reason that youth are chosen, is the underlying truth of our child nature within. The dystopian world is our own inner life. And the rescue of this world is the integration of our suppressed child nature. The dystopian adult nature is all about living a thought-based life ruled by concepts. But the joy of life comes from our native child-like ways which were once the essence of our existence. Our societies are run by dystopic politicians that run on power, thought and political spin. Only those that have successfully repressed their inner child can do this type of job. The rest of us just try to catch some joy whenever we can. But make no mistake about this: the world is run in this dystopian, dysfunctional manner. If it wasn’t, would we be killing each other over beliefs and ideologies?

The rescue of our wounded societies is the child within us that has not yet succumbed to the pressures of overbearing rules (and roles) that suck the life out of each of us. Society is made up of individuals, so the solution to our messed up world lies within each of us. If we put our inner house in order, then the world changes, one person at a time. We can only hope that if enough individuals change, then the world at large will also start to change.

There should be a battle cry within us: Let me find joy, happiness, peace and gratitude within. And let the world become infected with it!

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