Many of you have found your way here because of the essay that was released on the internet. We are here to offer some gentle guidance and support for those wanting an authentic spiritual life.

This web page/blog will host the writings of the author and will allow comments as long as the posters remain civil. The author’s writings are not philosophical but rather observational, reflecting an analysis of his spiritual path as it might apply to others.

The spiritual life does not have to be a confusing path with a maze of organizations competing for your monetary and spiritual currency. It can be very simple and achievable. It just takes a commitment and a basic understanding of the process.


  1. When you start on a spiritual path,information will be provided as you are able to understand.My path started over 30 years ago with “Journeys out of the body” by Robert Monroe.There is a place he describes in his journeys as in the middle of the universe where all are color and tone,and he felt so comfortable he never wanted to leave.May you all find this place of color and tone within yourselves!

    • sofia on November 13, 2007 at 10:27 pm
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    Your website points to a Truth-seeker soul. Keep it up.

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