The search for truth is not always what it appears to be. Intellectual curiosity makes life interesting but does not, in itself, lead us toward truth.

Truth is not a specific “what.” Truth is the opening of sight so that one can see everything with unimpeded clarity.

A spiritual path where the exact route is known is self-delusion. The courage to travel in the dark makes one’s vision sharpen and will eventually allow one to completely see the truth of one’s reality.

If you measure spiritual progress in relation to time you will never reach the eternal and timeless state you seek.

A habit is not a substitute for living. What the habit gives in efficiency is takes away in sensitivity.

The inner can either be a fount of wisdom or a storehouse for humanity’s problems. The choice is yours.

Truth cannot be found in words or the manipulation words. At best, truth can only be pointed to by words. It is up to the reader to put down the word and look to its source.

Intention is a prerequisite of living a full life. It is easy to move but one must see clearly in order to travel freely.

It is one thing to lift up a leg, another to walk across the room. Intention is the moving force for journeys of any distance.

The inner opens up only after it has been freed of non-essentials. What is non-essential? Everything is non-essential at the beginning of your journey.

The logic of the spiritual path: you change yourself and the world changes – one person at a time.

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