Category: Enlightenment

May 11

The Seeker’s Paradox

The enlightened state of mind is often described as an expanded state where we are open to the vastness of life and experience. This is in contrast to the thought-based state we use to figure out how to get there. It may be obvious to some that these two modalities are distinct, and represent our …

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Aug 14

“Enlightened” Gurus

There are many “enlightened” gurus in the world, both genuine and fake. Fake gurus should obviously be avoided at all cost, but even genuine, enlightened gurus impart information that is less than helpful. The typical enlightened individual is all too eager to help and this usually means that they will describe a life that you …

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Jul 17

Enlightenment Q & A

Is ‘Enlightenment’ the same as the ‘Breakthrough Event’ that the “Radical Spirituality” essay describes? Enlightenment has become a media and marketing buzzword in the last 20 years or so. I have chosen to use a neutral term to describe the transformational event that many term “Enlightenment” in order to dispel any romantic notions about it. …

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