Category: Human Nature

Jan 06

Dystopian Societies

After watching the third dystopian movie (Hunger Games ->Divergent -> The Giver), I started to see that all those movies were not really getting at the underlying issues. A metaphor is only as a good as its ability to impart some wisdom to us. And in all of these movies, the real metaphor, the one …

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Dec 29

Our Human Nature is Still Intact

After watching one too many Youtube videos about our (humans) place in the cosmos, along with allusions to ancient aliens, I realized that even if some wisdom is delivered to us from “out there”, it will not make us any more happy or content than we already are. ¬†Our world is right in front of …

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Nov 25

Duality and Human Nature

The following short essay is a point of view on a secular spirituality. Absent the familiar words that surround the spiritual journey, we are left with an understanding that is secular in nature. The Wholistic View vs. The Detail View How we relate to the world around us is very telling. The latest brain research …

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Jan 07

Anyone Can Change

By resting when their is no need to be active, we short-circuit the process whereby we “need” to be constantly busy. When that happens we start to slow down and begin to notice the details of life that were obscured by an overactive mind.