Category: Oprah/Eckhart Classes

Mar 26

Ongoing Impressions

I was going to hold my summary comments until the end of the classes, but there are a few interesting points that are clear enough now to discuss. What Tolle is trying to impart to his readers/viewers is that the ego stands in the way of living life to the fullest. It blocks the joy …

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Mar 23

Chapter 3 – The Core of Ego

The Chapter Three webcast was interesting. Tolle gave an analysis of the how the ego functions in actual life situations. Those situations include complaining, blaming and the need to be right or correct. Since Tolle sees the ego as an unconsciousness mechanism within us, the task is to be aware of the how the ego …

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Mar 08

First Impressions

I watched the first chapter as presented during a 90-minute session with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle. For technical reasons I had to download a video of the event the next day. The audience for the first presentation was estimated at 500,000. This is unprecedented in internet history and technical issues could not be overcome, …

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Mar 01

The Oprah/Eckhart Spiritual Experiment

In Eastern cultures there is a real opportunity to leave the world and stay with a guru/master and learn the teaching from a living example. This often takes years away from the world to accomplish. In Western cultures, there is no such opportunity. One must work for a living and live in the world. It …

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