Category: Radical Spirituality

Jul 28

Fixing Humanity – one person at a time

Humanity has so many critical issues and there are just as many attempts to fix them. The standard operating procedure is to deal only with the results and not the causes. So, we feed the hungry, deal with violence and the threats of violence, and a world where much suffering is allowed to go on. …

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Aug 15

Deconstructing the Ego

Deconstructing the ego is a big job that requires a long-term commitment. This deconstruction is a radical shift in consciousness from cognitive dominance to a more sensory orientation. This is often a difficult journey because cognitive dominance is the end destination for the child as it matures to adulthood. The simple ways of childhood are …

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Jul 29

Radical Spirituality Q & A

What is Radical Spirituality? Radical Spirituality is a view of the spiritual path as found in the essay, “Radical Spirituality: A Guide to the Spiritual Path“. What is so radical about it? The word “Radical” is used in the sense of fundamental. It can be considered to be the core of the spiritual path without …

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