Category: Social Aspects

Jan 06

Dystopian Societies

After watching the third dystopian movie (Hunger Games ->Divergent -> The Giver), I started to see that all those movies were not really getting at the underlying issues. A metaphor is only as a good as its ability to impart some wisdom to us. And in all of these movies, the real metaphor, the one …

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Jan 01

Beneath the Noise

I read a lot of spiritually oriented content via social media sites and also from blogs and websites. If I just look at the sheer volume of material it might give the impression that the world is changing beneath our feet. But if you think about it a little longer and go a little deeper …

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Dec 12

Spirituality and Social Media

For many years I have been on the fringes of the spirituality movement due to not fitting in with any group, system or lineage. This independence has allowed me to be an observer of the goings on of the various spirituality communities. One thing I have observed is that spirituality is often treated as a …

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Jul 23

The Game of Life

When I think about living in an urban environment I do not feel disconnected from the world of nature. If you feel that there is an intelligence in the universe and all living species are connected to that intelligence, then it is no leap of logic to realize that the tools of humanity and the …

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