Jul 28

Fixing Humanity – one person at a time

Humanity has so many critical issues and there are just as many attempts to fix them. The standard operating procedure is to deal only with the results and not the causes. So, we feed the hungry, deal with violence and the threats of violence, and a world where much suffering is allowed to go on. …

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Jun 23

Abused Mind Syndrome

The Abused Mind Syndrome is similar to the Abused Spouse Syndrome in that we always come back to thought dominance much in the same way we return to the battering spouse. So much of pain and suffering is due to hanging on to thoughts and their associated feelings.  Our minds are often not a place …

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Jun 18

Living vs. Thinking About Life

Sometimes things are so simple that we fail to grasp exactly what it is we are looking at. We generally approach things intellectually, trying to understand, trying to figure out. But some things are so simple that a lot of figuring out is not required. In fact, the more you think about it and conceptualize …

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Jun 02

Two Sides of our Nature

The focus of this blog lately has been to simplify the explanation of the spiritual journey.  Considering that there are thousands of books written to “explain” how to proceed, we have taken a minimalist position. If something cannot be explained clearly in a page or two, then we are going to get lost in a …

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Apr 06

Just like drivin’ a car…

If you approach your spiritual journey like driving a car around town you will do fine. It is really the same attitude and mindset. When driving you should always remain focused on what is immediately around you. You remain present to road signs and other drivers with a occasional thought on the destination. There is …

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Mar 02

The essence of the spiritual journey

The spiritual journey can be looked at from many angles. And some of those views do not  look anything like what one could call spiritual. As one distills down the nature of the spiritual life, one finally arrives at the simple truths that underlies all spiritual endeavors. All human beings have two basic natures: the …

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Nov 08


Balance is probably too conceptual a term to use regarding the spiritual path. It is not a mathematical or intellectual idea on how to create or maintain equilibrium by figuring out a lot of details and then discerning whether the proper balance has been achieved. What many do when they have a daily practice, is …

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Oct 29

The “Meaning” of Life

Strangely enough, there is no meaning to life. If you are living a spiritual life where you are content to just “be”, or rest in silence, then meaning does not come into the picture. Meaning comes from the other side of life, the side with beliefs and the ego.  When you are connected to the …

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Sep 06

Language, Civilization, and Spirituality

If one looks back to when language become dominant in the world, it seems apparent that language had more functions than to merely communicate. In earlier times, survival was critical and anything that improved your odds was welcome.  Language served both functions; it communicated but also helped set the parameters for coexisting in a given …

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Sep 02


“Awakening” has been written about for thousands of years it seems. During that time a high degree of complexity has crept into its understanding as analysis and metaphor has taken the place of simplicity and clarity. I have found that the process and understanding of awakening can be distilled down to its essence and expressed …

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