Aug 15

Deconstructing the Ego

Deconstructing the ego is a big job that requires a long-term commitment. This deconstruction is a radical shift in consciousness from cognitive dominance to a more sensory orientation. This is often a difficult journey because cognitive dominance is the end destination for the child as it matures to adulthood. The simple ways of childhood are …

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May 28

An Alternate Explanation of the Spiritual Path

As discussed in many places on this blog, the spiritual path can be thought of as a shift of consciousness. The previous article looked at this shift in terms of right-brain and left-brain functioning. The two hemispheres work in different ways; with the left-brain being involved in verbal, mathematical, and logical skills; while the right-brain …

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May 10


Surrender is an important element of the spiritual life. It allows you to get past all the “do’s” and “don’ts” of life by letting them go rather than figuring them out. A shift in consciousness happens when the thought-based life gives way to an experience of pure being, when one surrenders to the moment. Using …

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Apr 25

Random Thoughts on Spirituality

I am a person who understands the world primarily using concepts but with intuition as a guide. But I went through a long spiritual path that had few concepts to guide me and finally culminated in a very ordinary state. All the states and ecstasies came to end and there is no chance of them …

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Apr 15

Perfect Understanding

I think many of us are looking for perfect understanding as a necessary condition to commit to the spiritual realm fully. We want complete certainty before taking the next step. To that end we read all we can on spiritual topics and how the “masters” have proceeded. This approach sets in place a conflict in …

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Mar 26

Ongoing Impressions

I was going to hold my summary comments until the end of the classes, but there are a few interesting points that are clear enough now to discuss. What Tolle is trying to impart to his readers/viewers is that the ego stands in the way of living life to the fullest. It blocks the joy …

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Mar 23

Chapter 3 – The Core of Ego

The Chapter Three webcast was interesting. Tolle gave an analysis of the how the ego functions in actual life situations. Those situations include complaining, blaming and the need to be right or correct. Since Tolle sees the ego as an unconsciousness mechanism within us, the task is to be aware of the how the ego …

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Mar 08

First Impressions

I watched the first chapter as presented during a 90-minute session with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle. For technical reasons I had to download a video of the event the next day. The audience for the first presentation was estimated at 500,000. This is unprecedented in internet history and technical issues could not be overcome, …

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Mar 01

The Oprah/Eckhart Spiritual Experiment

In Eastern cultures there is a real opportunity to leave the world and stay with a guru/master and learn the teaching from a living example. This often takes years away from the world to accomplish. In Western cultures, there is no such opportunity. One must work for a living and live in the world. It …

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Nov 30

Note to Buddhist Monk, Greg

Greg, The reason so few are capable of ceaseless worship is that their inner is full of culture and civilization. It is noisy when it should be quiet; it is full when it should be empty. From my observation, humanity has taken a wrong turn in its collective development. Instead of cultivating a world that …

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